Belgium Gets Tough On Gambling Adverts, Says No To Gambling-Related Adverts On TV Networks

le jeudi 30 mai 2019 09:00


Utsav Kumar

Belgian government mandates that there should be no gambling-related adverts aired on the country’s TV networks. The government approved a directive of CDV Minister (Christian Democrat) Koen Geens’ ‘gambling protection mandate’. The directive calls for allowing the Belgium Gaming Commission (BGC)to implement stricter regulations for gambling adverts which would also apply to all licensed gambling operators in the country.

Following the government’s approval, there would be no broadcast of gambling-related adverts on Belgium’s TV network, starting June 1.

The current development is a part of the minister Koen Green’s “five-point cross-party’ mandate which was first presented in 2017.

The mandate also called for bringing stricter regulations for the country’s gambling industry to protect consumers and limit gambling addiction.

The measures have been approved as a Royal Decree, and the ban on gambling adverts will come into effect immediately.

However, the licensed bookmakers in the country would be able to advertise after 8 pm, but the number of ads would be restricted.

There have been a series of new measures taken by the authorities in Belgium to ensure consumer protection and compliance. Earlier the Belgian government had mandated the licensed gambling operators to onboard players only after they register them on the state’s ‘itsme customer verification app’.